Valley State Prison Inmate Family Council


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Visits may be terminated or denied when the visiting areas are in use to maximum capacity, and there are other approved visitors waiting to visit. 

Termination of visits due to overcrowding shall be based on the recorded order of arrival time of the inmate (first in/first out.)

Exceptions to this termination procedure are as follows:

Excessive distance: The visitor has traveled a distance of 250 miles or more (one way) and has not visited within the last 30 days. This exception shall be applied to allow two consecutive days of visiting. 

When visit terminations are complete and the overcrowding situation persists, the visits of those remaining shall be terminated as necessary. When overcrowding occurs, those who have visited at least one hour and who have been visiting for the longest time may have their visits terminated as outlined in CCR, Subsection 3176(a)(9) and DOM Article 42, Section 54029.1. 

Upon termination of a visit due to overcrowding, the official taking the action shall prepare a SOMS Termination Notice explaining the reason for termination. The visiting supervisor authorizing the action shall sign the notice. Records shall be maintained in SOMS and copies forwarded to the institution head, the inmate and the visitor.  Any visitor whose visit is terminated due to overcrowding shall not be allowed to re-enter on the day of termination.