Valley State Prison Inmate Family Council 


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Recently there were a number of terminations due to overcrowding.  With the holidays coming up and more visitors visiting, please familiarize yourself and spread the word to others with the following information. 

A few things to remember:

You are NOT exempt from termination if you double up. 

Termination does NOT depend on the appointment time of the visitor.

If you are terminated, make sure to pick up your termination form at Visitor Processing.  You will then be exempt from termination for one month.  If you do not have this form the guidelines will be the same.

To clear up questions some of you may have, please read the guidelines from the CDCR DOM (Department Operations Manual) 54020.30.

Visits may be terminated or denied when the visiting areas are in use to maximum capacity, and there are other approved visitors waiting to visit. Termination of visits due to overcrowding shall be based on THE RECORDED ORDER OF ARRIVAL TIME OF THE INMATE (first in/first out.) Exceptions to this termination procedure are as follows: 

• Excessive distance: The visitor has traveled a distance of 250 miles or more and has not visited within the last 30 days. This exception shall be applied to allow two consecutive days of visiting. 

• Disabled Visitor: A visitor who is certified as disabled as defined by California law and must rely on special transportation to the institution. 

• Weddings: When a visitor is married to an inmate on that particular day. 

• Family Emergencies: When death, serious illness, or injury occurs to an inmate’s immediate family including registered domestic partner. Clergy or approved visitors may visit the inmate to offer condolences or inform the inmate of the occurrence. 

• Infrequent Visits: When an inmate receives not more than one visit each six months. A visit meets this definition when the inmate normally receives few visits, and a visitor arrives unexpectedly.