Valley State Prison Inmate Family Council 


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TITLE 15  is a part of the California Code of Regulations entitled Crime Prevention and Corrections, and it contains the Rules and Regulations of Adult Institutions, Programs, and Parole Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.   It includes the laws related to visiting, mail, behavior, discipline, food, etc.  Basically it contains information on everything that goes on inside a California prison.  It is updated periodically (see below for proposed and recently adopted changes) and a new version is published each year and made available on the CDCR website. 


    The DOM is the Department Operating Manual and is also available on the CDCR website.  This shows how the Title 15 is implemented at every facility.  It is published once per year, just like Title 15, and it is also updated periodically through the year.  The DOM must follow the Title 15 and can’t be in conflict with it.

    The DOM Appendices allow for easy access to lengthy regulatory documents that are incorporated by reference into Title 15. Because these documents are regulatory, any proposed changes to the documents are subject to the regulation revision process outlined in DOM, Chapter 1, Article 6.

    posted 03-01-2019