Valley State Prison Inmate Family Council 


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Beginning April 1, 2015, this institution will participate in a 60-day pilot program using the Lock Box service. Lock Box allows for incoming inmate monies to be mailed to a secured centralized depository. Upon completion of the pilot program, these institutions will use the Lock Box service for inmate deposits of checks and money orders up to $999.99. Checks and Money Orders in the Amount in of $1,000.00 or more will still be accepted at the institution.

Send a check or money order (

Download the Money Order Deposit Form (PDF)

The process for Electronic Fund Transfers remains unchanged for ALL prisons. 

You may send money online, by phone or with cash walk-up payments through one of the companies listed below. While these are fast ways of getting money to the inmate’s account, there is a fee involved. 


JPAY                               1-800-574-5729

Access    1-866-345-1884

WALK UP CASH PAYMENTS (click on links below to learn more about locations and fees)

Ace Cash Express

Cash Pay Today

Western Union

All inmates have a right to have money placed in their trust funds from legal, accountable sources.

Why does an inmate want or need money? Inmates have access to a “store” where they are able to purchase food and other items. While they have no access to cash, they can order from the store and the amount spent is deducted from their trust account. If an inmate has sufficient funds, he/she may go to the “store” once a month scheduled by the last two digits of their CDCR number.

Some institutions have food sales where local and franchise vendors’ food items are sold. Inmates can order and the cost of their order will be deducted from their trust account.

Do NOT send cash in the mail. It will not be accepted.

Inmates receive documentation of their trust account quarterly so they can see what has been spent and remaining balances. It also shows the amount of restitution remaining. Fifty percent of monies sent in or earned are earmarked for restitution and 5% goes to administrative costs of processing the money orders.