Valley State Prison Inmate Family Council 


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Most phone calls from California prisons are prepaid now.  However, some of the major phone carriers do allow their customers to pay for these calls via their usual phone bill.   At the present time, GTL has the contract with the state to provide this service. Their website is and here are the important phone numbers to set up and manage your pre-paid GTL account:Customer Service number for California: 888-415-0377The CDCR has a GTL help line, please call them first for any problems with GTL: 916-324-7789.Mailing address to send in payment: GTL PO Box 911722, Denver CO, 80291-1722.  You may select to pay GTL this way in order to avoid giving them any credit card information and to avoid any recurring charges. To make a VISA or MasterCard payment: 866-230-7761 Please be sure to check your statement monthly so as to avoid automatic recurring monthly charges from GTL.  For automated account balances: 800-483-8314.


OffenderConnect┬« is an independent services portal for Global Tel Link. The OffenderConnect┬« product line provides payment and accounting solutions for inmate friends and family members by offering several options to fund GTL telephone and inmate trust accounts. To make a deposit to an inmate trust account (where available) or a GTL telephone account, friends and family members may utilize the website (, telephone (live operator or IVR) or, in select sites, the OffenderConnect┬« lobby kiosk. Their phone number is 814-949-3303.

How Does an Inmate Make a Call?  Each prison has its own way of handling phone calls. Many have sign-up sheets in the building. Some prisons limit the number of calls an inmate is able make each week or month due rules and phone availability. Once you have established your account, the calls should go smoothly. If you no longer wish to receive the calls, you can have a block placed on your phone by contacting the above number. Each prison has specific phone hours when an inmate can call. The phones are turned on in the morning and off at night. Phones are usually turned off during lockdowns. No inmate should be using a cell phone to make calls. Cell phones are not permitted and are considered to be a very serious infraction.


The CDCR has a GTL help line, please call them first for any problems with GTL: 916-324-7789.The state agency that deals with problems related to GTL is the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). You may contact them for issues related to billing, unavailability of service, etc. Another governmental organization which regulates GTL is the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The FCC was established by the Communications Act of 1934 and is charged with regulating interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable. Any complaints about GTL should be directed to them.  If you do have a complaint, you are strongly encouraged to report it to the CDCR, CPUC & FCC.  GTL will never improve what many visitors have expressed they experience when dealing with this company, marginal and less than stellar customer service, in addition to the charging of excessive service fees.