Valley State Prison Inmate Family Council 


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There is a need for donations of toddler toys for the visiting rooms.

All donations need to be NEW and in original package.  Donations can be given to the Visiting Lieutenant or Sergeant in Visitor Processing.   Please no dolls, teddy bears or any other stuffed animals.

posted 01-17-2020


There has been some questions regarding refunds on the cashless vending card.  Please read the following for complete instructions on how to receive a refund:

To receive a refund by mail send the card(s) with a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Adams' Vending

11230 Gold Express Drive, Suite #310

Gold River, CA 95670

A check will be mailed to you,  If a self-addressed, stamped envelope is not included with the card, $1.00 will be deducted from the refund to cover the cost.

Refunds will only be issued if the card is able to be read by the scanner.  The card MUST NOT be broken, bent, torn  or damaged in any way to receive any refund.  If the return card is undamaged and able to be re-used, you will be refunded the $2.50 deposit, in addition to the amount remaining on the card.   If the physical appearance of the card is altered or the card has been bent or otherwise damaged, the deposit will not be refunded.

If you wish to receive an e-mail notifying you when the refund is mailed to you and the amount of the refund, please include an e-mail address when returning the card.

If you wish to check on the status of your refund, you may e-mail Adams' Vending at the following address:

Please allow up to 14-21 days from the date you mail the refund request to receive your refund.                                 

posted 01-17-2020

Adams Vending is raising prices once again, effective December 26th.  The IFC is sorry we have to report this to you.  Our hands are tied.  We have tried for years to stop this to no avail.  We are sorry that the prices continue to rise.

posted 12-12-2019


Fog procedures begin when fog rolls in.  If the fog rolls in after inmate movement begins, e.g. workers going to work assignments, group activities, chow, etc. delays occur.  The men have to be escorted to/from the places they need to be.  Then, once the men are returned to their buildings, a count has to be conducted.  No further movement occurs until the count has cleared.

posted 12-04-2019

7385 FORM
(What is this and why do I need it?)

Do you have a 7385 in place?  If NOT it is very important that you have your loved one sign one.  Actually have your loved one sign three copies.  You can take these forms in to visiting for them to sign.  You have to bring the signed copies out with you and mail two of the signed copies to your loved one.  Of the three copies one is for you, one for your loved one, and one for their doctor to have in place in their medical records.  This way you have original signatures on all the copies since things get lost so easily.  

You will NOT be accessed any medical information through VSP medical or the Medical Receiver's office if you do NOT have one in your loved ones medical file.  Please do this ASAP as you never know when a medical issue could arise.   If your loved one is healthy and has no medical issues, you still need to have one in place just in case something were to happen.  You do NOT want to wait until then when you are already in a panic on what to do.  So, please be safe and have this form in place.  If you check the correct box the form will be in their file until they are released. 

posted 11-26-2019