Valley State Prison Inmate Family Council 


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Sage, Amy, Angela and Pat


Mark your calendar for May 8, 2020 when GOTB comes to VSP. 

Information for GOTB is at each podium in visiting.  The inmate can get the application from IAC (Inmate Advisory Council) or the Catholic Chapel.  The deadline to submit the application is November 22nd.

“Get on the Bus” offers free transportation for the children and their caregivers to the prison, provides travel bags for the children, comfort bags for the caregivers, a photo of each child with his or her parent, and meals for the day (breakfast, snacks on the bus, a special lunch at the prison with their parent and dinner on the way home), all at no cost to the children’s family. On the bus trip home, following a four hour visit, each child receives a teddy bear with a letter from their parent and post-event counseling.

posted 09-10-2019

When leaving a message under CONTACT US please leave an email address so we can respond to your inquiry.  

posted 09-10-2019


One photo printer was not working in late August.  The printer has been replaced.

On Saturday August 31, 2019 and Sunday September 1, 2019 the photo token machine became inoperable, an out of order sign was placed, and a service request was entered.  Visitors were issued rose-colored ducats due to the photo token machine being inoperable. This ensured the inmate/visitor photo system continued. The photo token machine was then subsequently serviced.

The process of retakes has not changed. The inmate photographer will take pictures of the inmate and/or inmate family and then allow the subjects to review and choose the acceptable photograph for printing.  The Correctional Officer in charge of the inmate photographer is the only staff person authorized to approve a photo retake. The inmate photographer shall bring the camera to the assigned custody officer to have the photograph printed. The officer will review the photographs to verify that the photographs meet acceptable standards, and then print the photograph.

Visitor photo Guidelines:

• Only the inmate and his visitor(s) may be in the Visiting photos.

• No "gang" associated signs or clothing will be allowed.

• Photos will be in good taste and respectable.

* Photos not in compliance with the above will result in forfeiture of the photo ducat/token.

* No "retake" shall be authorized.


Acceptable Reason(s) for a Photo Retake:

• Blurred photos due to camera, paper or printer problems.

• Subjects in the photo are unrecognizable due to camera, paper, or printer


• Photo is deemed unacceptable but was not determined until after the photo

  was printed.


In the end, allowing each visitor to capture his or her precious moment is always the priority.

posted 09-05-2019


There has been many complaints about the disarray in the bathrooms.  It is not the staff that is causing the messiness, it is the visitors.  PLEASE make sure you flush the toilets, pick up all paper and clean your hair from the sinks.  It all begins with YOU.  You shouldn't have to be told to do this and it's very frustrating to see how nasty the restrooms become.  If you need toilet paper, paper towels or feminine products please let the CO's in the foyer know this and they will replenish the supplies.  The restrooms are cleaned every hour.  So, please pick up after yourself.

posted 09-06-2019