Valley State Prison Inmate Family Council


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Visitors with temporary or permanent medically implanted or prosthetic device(s) who cannot clear the metal detection device and/or visitors who require the use of a wheelchair or other assistive devices for mobility impairment shall present a letter of verification signed by their physician, physiatrist, prosthetist, or orthotist. The letter must confirm the mobility impairment, and/or the nature of the medically implanted or prosthetic device and its specific location in/on the body, and the need for any assistive device.
Visitors with a temporary medically implanted or prosthetic device(s) shall be required to renew the verification letter, as described in subsection 3173.2(e)(1), every two years.

VSP does not provide wheelchairs or other assistive devices.  There is not transportation from Visiting Processing to the Visiting Room.

If you have a cast or ace bandage wrap you do need a doctor's note.

posted 08-02-2017