Valley State Prison Inmate Family Council 


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Visitors with temporary or permanent medically implanted or prosthetic device(s) who cannot clear the metal detection device and/or visitors who require the use of a wheelchair or other assistive devices for mobility impairment shall present a letter of verification signed by their physician, physiatrist, prosthetist, or orthotist. The letter must confirm the mobility impairment, and/or the nature of the medically implanted or prosthetic device and its specific location in/on the body, and the need for any assistive device.
Visitors with a temporary medically implanted or prosthetic device(s) shall be required to renew the verification letter, as described in subsection 3173.2(e)(1), every two years.

VSP does not provide wheelchairs or other assistive devices.  There is not transportation from Visiting Processing to the Visiting Room.

If you have a cast or ace bandage wrap you do need a doctor's note.


If a visitor has a disability which requires the use of an assistive device, departmental policies are in place allowing for the devices, which are prohibited otherwise, with a letter from their physician.  Unfortunately CDCR doesn't provide assistive devices.  VSP has two wheelchairs in Visitor Processing to be utilized by the policy below.

TITLE 15, SECTION 3173.2

(f) Visitors who require the assist of a wheelchair shall temporarily transfer to a designated institution/facility wheelchair, when available, while visiting staff conduct an inspection of visitor's wheelchair.  Visitors who present a letter signed by their physician that confirms the need for using a battery powered or custom designed wheelchair shall be exempt from the requirement of transferring from their personal wheelchair and allow a hand held metal detection device to be used.

Other institutions as a courtesy have a designated golf car and staff to assist with transporting visitors to the Visiting Rooms.  The golf carts at VSP are assigned to various departments and are limited in number.  Furthermore, VSP does not have additional staff to provide this service.  Visiting positions are limited and each position has duties and responsibilities vital to the processing of visitors and/or supervising visits.  It is beyond the scope of the Warden's authority to add additional positions.

Before visiting, visitors with mobility limitations should take into consideration the transit to and from the parking lot as well as to and from the visiting rooms and determine if it's within the scope of their abilities.  It is approximately 1/4 miles with no shade.

posted 08-20-2018